About us


Dr Mathias Lukwago encountered many children dying of Malaria, most of them also HIV infected while in Gomba for an Internship after medical school. These were cases mainly from hard to reach places. He realized that they came in severely sick, and often missing appointments and medication refills.

This motivated Dr Lukwago to go in search of a remedy. Reaching out to these people would provide much relief to the huge burden of many failing to seek medical help in their time of need. There are too few health centers and they are too far from this population.

Once a month we go with a team of nurses, a lab assistant, a doctor, and when affordable, a dentist into one of these remote locations to treat a number of diseases. We also consult and refer when there is a disease in need of a hospital setting. This could help many to know where to go before the severity of the disease is too advanced for help.

As demand for medical help in these communities has risen since 2013, so has the need for benevolence in these vulnerable communities who cannot afford their treatment.

Self-medication is a risky behavior in communities where health workers find it hard to Go. With time Health Restoration Uganda will increasingly provide a solution to these communities.


Eradicating disease burden in hard to reach and remote communities.


Health Restoration Uganda will provide a solution to healthcare for underserved communities through health education and early access to treatment, resulting in a longer, healthier quality of all people.


  1. Building Health facilities where we can to provide a permanent solution to those too far from a Government health center.
  2. To End the rampant disease burden, more so among the hard to reach places.
  3. To give quality health services to every person within their reach.
  4. Getting involved in ending self-medication, curbing down risks of drug resistance.
  5. Educate and encourage more health workers to the need and reward in working in remote communities.
  6. Promote international volunteer work in partnership and internship with our ministry to benefit  research in communities we serve.


All communities we identify vulnerable through their local leaders, churches and mosques.

Office is at Edem Miracle Center church Nabweru.