SCI is a branch of Health Restoration Uganda taking up the sect of vulnerable youth that we always encounter during community engagements like medical camps in different area.

(Is poverty a disease too?) With this question lingering in our mind, we realized that most young people are exposed to single motherhood and early parenthood due to factors associated with poverty and this making their mental and social health affected negatively.

We may not help all but equipping the most vulnerable with skills that can help them start and maintain small scale businesses is the way to go, since a one-time head rise may not be effective nor sustainable. With second chance initiative, many will be rescued.

In SCI, a group of girls and boys between the age of twelve to twenty-five years who have different education levels (school drop outs) are served. Most of them come from third class families, orphans and others street raised backgrounds. So, with the church as the best environment, these young people seen hope to change their lives to the best.

With this dream, funding is the limiting factor in that, if solved, it will touch many through different skills training of which it may upgrade to a vocational institute targeting that cohort.
The skills include:

  1. Reusable pads tailoring
  2. Tailoring skills
  3. Cookery
  4. Poultry keeping
  5. Brick laying and many more that require less capital to start.